1. Go to https://erplan.net on the Internet. The E-Plan log-in screen will be displayed.

    2. Click on the "Login Page" button for First Responders.

    3. For the "User ID" dialog box, type in "demo-im"

    4. For the "Password" dialog box, type in "training" and then press the "Login" button. This logs you into the demo site and opens the "Facility Search" page.

    5. Type in the name of a fictitious company, such as ISSPEC, IGNO, or DISTILL in the "Facility Name" dialog box. Then press "Search" and you will get the "Facility Search Result" page. Click on the facility name to open its "Facility Information" page.

    6. Type in the letter "c" in the "Facility Name" dialog box. Then press "Search" and the screen will display all three fictitious companies. Click on one facility name to open its "Facility Information" page.

    7. At the top of the screen, you will see the facility data that is organized into five parts: 1) Facility Information, 2) Contact Information, 3) Chemical Inventory, 4) Additional Information (e.g., site plans, SDS sheets), and 5) State Fields.

    8. You can explore Emergency Response Guides (ERG) by clicking on the name of a chemical or view CHRIS data, Profile, and SDS of a chemical or Google Map, Advance Google Map, and Facility Weather by clicking on the appropriate item on the page.

    9. You can draw a chemical plume by clicking on the "Show Chemical Plume" under a chemical.

    10. You can export data by clicking on "Printer Friendly Version", "Download Google Earth File", "Download Tier II Report", and "Download All Chemical PDF".

    11. When you are finished exploring the demo site, press the "Logout" button to LOG OFF the demo site.

      If you have any question or experience any problems, e-mail eplan@utdallas.edu for assistance.

      E-Plan News is available at https://erplan.net/news/.


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