"The ability to obtain online access to information related to hazardous materials located within the City of Plano, Texas, will greatly enhance our capability to migrate any incident involving these materials quickly and more safely. We are pleased to be a partner in the development of this important project as we work together in the interest of Homeland Security."

William Peterson

Regional Director, FEMA Region VI


"E-Plan is bringing many different sources of information into one location for the First Responder. This is the resource that can answer most of your information needs."

Bill George

Technological Hazards Specialist at FEMA Region VI and Retired Law Enforcement Officer


"E-Plan will give our First Responders instant, secure access to time-critical information such as Tier II data, ERG book, MSDS, site maps and much more. In my opinion, E-Plan is revolutionary."

R.W. Royall

Hazmat Manager, Harris County, Texas


"The Arkansas Environmental Federation endorses E-Plan and its goals of ensuring that First Responders have immediate access to emergency response plans and hazardous materials inventories. E-Plan is not about requiring industries to provide more information about hazardous materials inventories. Currently, industry information is available, but timely, affordable access is the critical issue, as is the need to prevent unauthorized information falling into the wrong hands. The Federation's member industries and service providers support the program and will participate in the Industry Work Group to develop the guidelines and mechanisms to make this goal possible."

Randy Thurman

Executive Director, Arkansas Environmental Federation


"In my opinion E-Plan is the cutting edge of emergency information access. Utilizing secured data, current specific information to each facility, and a host of critical links, enables our responders to mitigate chemical emergencies quickly and safely. As an emergency resource, I recommend E-Plan highly."

Michael Hernandez

Assistant Chief, City of Corpus Christi, Texas


"Louisiana has been enjoying the benefits of electronic management of facility data and hazardous materials inventories for several years. By linking E-Plan to our existing data management systems, we will be able to offer Louisianan firefighters, State Police and other first responders a comprehensive system to access hazmat information on-demand in seconds when it is needed most."

LTC Mark Oxley

Deputy Superintendent, Louisiana State Police


"E-Plan should become the national repository for all types of response plans and related data that can benefit first responders or security specialists during times of crisis. Once E-Plan is widely deployed, it can be linked to other interoperable public and private information systems that could essentially automate the delivery of the right information, to the right people, at the right time. At the CyberSecurity and Emergency Preparedness Institute, we are excited to be in a position to help make that vision a reality."

Jim Staves

U.S. EPA Region 6


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